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  • What are the warranties on Totec products?

    Totec LED fixtures are fully warranted for TEN (10) years. LED power supplies, drivers and connection accessories are fully warranted FIVE (5)years. XENON fixtures and power supplies are fully warranted for TWO (2) years. Warranty period is in all cases based on date of
    purchase. This warranty only covers products that are installed according to Totec recommendations. Warranty is void if products are modified, improperly selected or installed. Totec will replace or repair defective products, free of charge, provided that they are returned to the factory, inspected and confirmed defective. This warranty does not extend to transportation, installation, labor or any other charges; nor does it apply to any equipment of another manufacturer used in conjunction with Totec products.

  • What wire gauge should be used with LED products?

    See chart HERE

  • What wire gauge should be used with Xenon products?

    See chart HERE

  • Which beam or lens should be used?

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